The old and delicious recipes of the Paraty cuisine, tradition of Banana da Terra, were gradually acquiring new concepts … And they have gained a beautiful, delicious and fragrant present.


In a very peculiar constructive language, something of a discrete elegance enhances the architectural identity of the Paraty mansion, with the colonial style tempering itself without excesses to contemporary décor details.


The large windows, for example, steal the scene both during the day, in bright light, and at night, when the lights of the city accentuate the magic of the historic center. From the main hall, just outside the entrance, you can see the kitchen. And the disposition of the tables suggests a good welcome and intimacy, leaving an undeniable family atmosphere to take care of the environment…


Still in the main hall the roots of the land translate into a gallery of local artists, with canvases by Júlio Paraty, Márcio Franco, Sérgio Atilano and Fernando Fernandes, blending in with handicrafts and objects that have been part of the house over time. On the peeling wall, near the cellar, the sooty marks testifies that a wood stove had been used there, when the mansion was the residence of the famous Dadó, a striking character of the city…


Suggesting lightness and freshness in the extension of the bar, a vertical garden, rich in species of the Atlantic forest, marks the passage to the reserved hall, where, around a large round table, crowned by rustic luminaries, the Paraty way of receiving prevails.


Among the furniture, stools, benches, sideboards and large closets of the Rio de Janeiro LVA Home. All in the measure to enhance the flavor of history and tradition in the colonial roots of the house, where the climate is always gentle.



Foto fachada: Guido Nietmann


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Rua Dr. Samuel Costa, 198 - Historical Center
Paraty - RJ

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